Our Success Doesn’t End

Every “Winning” Tale Has A Humble Beginning

About Us

For WON Majestic, it all started with a few Malaysian siblings who have the vision to take the Malaysian flagship to the global stage. Hence, WON Majestic was incorporated in 2017 with a solid backing of qualified management team from Malaysia, Singapore and China who have over 20 years of real estate management experience.

It is not easy to make its presence felt in the international map. The company has to face many cultural differences as well as different and unfamiliar local Government policies. But with true grit and perseverance, WON Majestic has weathered all storm. In fact, the company charted new milestones in 2018 by being one of the few foreign developers to obtain Housing Development Permit in Cambodia. Since then, success breeds success. In 2019, WON Majestic was granted Qualified Investment Project Status from Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC).

As the world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, real estate developers need to adapt to the new normal and consumer trend. WON Majestic has taken initiatives to comply with the strict Government’s Standard Operating Procedure for a safe and clean development.
There will be many challenges ahead for the real estate market but WON Majestic is positive that its future is promising. After all, we have proven to have “WON” against the odds.


WON Majestic takes Malaysian globalization to a new high. The company aspires to break new grounds and make its presence felt in the global market as a leading real estate developer who doesn’t just build but transform lives.


To achieve its far-sighted vision, WON Majestic is mission-driven

To be “People-Centric” in all its undertakings. People are its most valued asset. Be it the employee, vendor, partner or client, the company gets to the ground to care and takes into consideration the people’s feelings first.

To be “Quality-Driven”, always ensuring all its building workmanship and materials are top-notch, not just meeting but surpassing its customer expectation. The company upholds Good Manufacturing Practice, setting the bar high in stringent quality control and attaining sustainable development.

To be on “Top of the Game”. We go the extra mile, always striving to inculcate the “WON” culture to be the best and not second best. From planning, managing, servicing to building and executing our developments, we ensure we are on the track as a trail blazer and trendsetter, and not a follower..



“WON” defines who we are.

W-inning hearts and mind with our developments and services.


O-pportunities abound to inspire and build talents.


N-etworking is net worth, establishing our brand near or far.

We nurture and groom the WON culture. Business won when our hearts beat as ONE.


2017 marks a new chapter for WON Majestic. It is officially established and since then, there was no turning back. The company has grown by leaps and bound, charting new milestone and strengthening itself further in real estate development. The corporate chart speaks for itself.



  • Incorporation
  • Land Acquisition
  • Ground Breaking Ceremony
  • Obtained Housing Development Permit
  • Appointed WA Hospitality as the Hotel Operator
  • Appointed Sales Representative Office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Granted Qualified Investment Project Status from Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC)
  • Topping Out Ceremony
  • Completion of Sales Gallery.